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In the beginning:

It was a response to the need to support  women with learning disabilities recognized as a group vulnerable to exploitation and neglect.

Ashabhavan presently functions with 22 beneficiaries.

Ashabhavan aim to:
1.  ensure people with a disability are  
     regarded  as individuals within the context
     of their own family and society
2.  to ensure that people with a disability
     receive the help they need from the
     community and from professionals so that 
     they can develop their maximum potential
3.  to ensure that people with a disability
     have chances to live a normal pattern of

Activities include:
Soap making
and more .. wine, candles, cards, coasters etc


Artists impression:


2011 Update:

Our work in Southern India continues, Kate is going back to visit Ashabhavan in Kottayam, Kerala,  with Julie Lunt and Louise Skelhorn from Helen Sanderson Associates.

They will be going  in January 2011.

It is a very exciting time with the latest news being the development of the Institute of Person Centred Approaches in India ( in partnership with H S A Foundation and The learning Community of Person Centred Practices)

PCP sessions:

This year the aim was to hold a series of training events as well as hosting a two day national training event with a view to finding training champions who will then have the opportunity during this visit to receive further training with the view to those champions becoming trainers themselves  in Person Centered Thinking and Approaches.  

There will also be a training event for social workers, and a visit to the university in Bangalore.

It will be good to catch up with all the news at Ashabhavan, see the new Kanakari building and visit the work placements and of course making the most of our strong links with Ashabhavan.

Beginnings of their social enterprise:

Whilst out in India, Kate took the opportunity to visit local shops to see local crafts and spice shops.

Typical spice shop:

Kate took this opportunity to purchase selected spices for our cafes, which will be used in our meals, and also will be used in our India inspired new line of cakes.

For more information contact Kate Toms.